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Branding, UI Design, App Development, Website Design & Development

Barley is our hosted website platform and content management system. That is a jargon-heavy way of saying that Barley lets people easily launch and edit websites. We built Barley to give small business owners a way to get their information online, without needing technical chops or a developer on retainer.

How could someone who is generally uncomfortable with computers update their website? Should they need to navigate an overwhelming admin panel with numerous cryptic buttons, tabs, and forms? We think that they should be able to look directly at their content, tap, and type. Yep, in place on their actual site—no editing pane/form, no behind-the-scenes control center and no Markdown previews. We also think they should be able to write blog posts and add images just as easily. Barley is designed to be a lightweight option, but still offer the features we believe are most needed.