Deliberately Simple

We share a passion for saying no.

Our Team

Colin Devroe

C0-founder. Product. BizDev. Peanut Butter. 
Previously: Director, Strategy at Viddler.
Also 9rules, ChanceCube, eMedSecurities.

Kyle Ruane

Co-founder. Design. Nerf Basketball.
Previously: Co-founder, Argyll Studios.
Also Solid Cactus.

Carla Williams

Team Assistant. Accounts. Chocolate.
Previously: Wells Fargo, Wachovia Bank


Our Products

Have you ever wondered why you need to log into a complex administrative area with forms, modules, buttons, plugins, pages, posts, links, software updates, stats, linkbacks and much more just to edit a single line of text on your web site? Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could just tap and type?

That’s why we built Barley.

Each day people see hundreds of links and many of them store them as bookmarks in their browser or on a service. But, most of them go to waste and are never looked at again. We think there should be an application that helps you do something with all of those bookmarks.

So we built an open source, and hosted tool called Unmark.