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Follow Along as We Build Our Next Product in Public

6 January 2014

A little over 18 months ago, long before Plain and Barley existed, I was hacking away in my pub at home on a product I called Nilai.

Nilai was a simple bookmarking service that aimed at helping you "do something with all of those links". Rather than simply being a cold storage facility where you'd keep a catalog of links to reference later, Nilai attempted to help you actually do something with the links you've collected throughout the day. A sort of "to do list for links".

Just before starting Plain I decided to halt new sign ups to Nilai to give my full attention to our new company. However, I've kept it running for free for existing users ever since. And to my surprise a few users have kept using it every day since. Including me.

While our team here at Plain is wrapping up Barley for Drupal (coming soon) we thought we'd begin to riff on what our next product could be. We've decided to take Nilai and make it an official Plain product.

What Nilai will become

Nilai will be renamed, redesigned, and be completely open sourced. We'll offer a fully hosted solution that people can use for both for free and for pay for but anyone that would like to they can download the application and run it themselves. We're going to build it out in the open, which means that we'll be publishing our roadmap, our internal discussions, our design mockups (both failures and successes), our business ideas, our marketing materials -- anything and everything we can publish as early as we possibly can. In short, we're going to rebuild Nilai into something new and do it in public.

If you'd like to follow along as we make progress follow @plainmade on Twitter. We'll be posting updates, links, videos, etc. through there and here on our Plain Text blog.

Second, if you'd like, you can sign up to Nilai for free right now and kick the tires. WARNING: The application will be having a very active redesign taking place so if you sign up don't be surprised.

Third, if you'd like to help out, you can simply fork our Nilai repository on GitHub and begin hacking away and sending us Pull Requests. We're all ears on how we can make Nilai a great product that you'd love to use so we've made our Trello Board for Nilai public.

And finally, we're looking for suggestions on names for Nilai. Something relating to getting things done, bookmarks, and links. All in one. Have ideas? Send them to @plainmade and we'll keep track of them. If the name you suggest is chosen you'll have a free Nilai account for life.

We're looking forward to working on this product together with you.

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