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Links from Last Week 22

23 March 2016
The Plain Team
Makers gotta make, and the Plain team has been busy reworking the inner nuts and bolts of Barley, our favorite CMS platform. (Because, well, we made it.) This week’s links from last week include all the different links our team pushed out across our personal sites, our client work, artwork posted on Dribble, and updates pushed to the Watercolour Gallery. We hope it gives you a glimpse into the weekly ongoings here at Plain.

Colin Devroe on Instagram

After long days of solving problems and writing the code that goes with those solutions, Colin heads outdoors. And, honestly, sometimes in the middle of the day he will take off and go for a paddle. You can check out his Instagram account to see more of the world through Colin’s camera lens.

When he’s not coding, or paddling, Colin updates The Watercolour Gallery which is his “…online gallery of inspirational watercolor paintings, interviews, art spaces, links, and videos…” curated by Colin since 2010. The collection is extensive and you can spend hours perusing through beautiful works of art. Check it out if feel free to send Colin some suggestions.

Colin also has some pretty interesting threads going on his personal blog. Topics range from observations on social media, to life in the 21st century, to adventures in code. Recent posts include a note about jQuery and Javascript, a thought piece regarding the ownership of digital content, and an informative writeup on digital photo storage via Photos for OS X. His blog contains links to all his social accounts so you can connect with him wherever you fancy. (Rumor has it he’s on Snapchat, too!) 

But this post isn’t only about Colin (though he is truly the most prolific writer of the team.) Kyle stays active on Dribbble and Twitter, and he even has an Instagram account.  (Insider info: we are currently debating on whether or not Kyle should start an #ootd thread. What do you think: yes, or no?) He recently posted a new branding design and some updated UI screenshots for the upcoming release of Barley 2.0 (ytbd) over on Dribbble. Check it out and let us know what you think! 

Some of our past client work is featured on Kyle’s Dribbble account, too. You can see some of the branding work we did for Metro,  Citywide, Classcraft, and 3e8. If you like what you see, and you are on the hunt for a branding project, feel free to contact us - we are currently considering new branding/design and web development projects.

Colin and Kyle like to have their head down in projects, so to keep things moving, Sarah joined the Plain team last summer to assist with project management and, well, she still puts up with us. She is most active on Twitter and Instagram, and when you ask her “What did you make today?” she will say “To do lists, dinner, and happy children.” While that sounds like a funny combination, she balances the demands of a working parent pretty swell. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us via our favorite personal links in this weeks’ Links from Last Week. Check out our past #lflw for more curated goodness. 

This post was sponsored by Unmark - our favorite bookmarking tool because, well…yep! You guessed it! We made that as well!

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