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Links from Last Week 21

16 March 2016
The Plain Team

Tile Floor Graffiti – Javier De Riba creates the illusion of intricate tiled surfaces in unexpected places with stencils and spray paint.

Open Foundry – A curated collection of open-source typefaces, each exhibited with display options.

May 1st Reboot – Initiative to encourage artists, designers, and makers to freshen up their websites with a shared deadline.

Neural Doodle – An insane-looking project that turns extremely-simple drawings into master works.

Responsive Pixel Art – Clever pixel drawings that shift based on the size of the container, which shrinks and expands with the movement of the mouse pointer.

Stripe Atlas – Tools and services, bundled together to cut down on the amount of hoops one needs to jump through when starting a business.

Ecosia – Web browser that uses ad revenue to fund the planting of trees.

Wikipedia iOS App – Wikipedia aims to be more than just reference material with the introduction of exploration features in its mobile app.

Instant Logo Search – Need a cryptic strip of big-name logos on your homepage? Find them here. 

New US Soccer Logo – The governing body for soccer/football in the states revealed a much-needed new identity, complete with with a custom typeface.

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