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Links from Last Week 19

2 March 2016
The Plain Team
Another week of 
Our links from last week for you

To make your way through

Sanitary and social chart of the Fourth Ward of the City of New York, to accompany a report of the 4th Sanitary Inspection District, made to the Council of Hygiene of the Citizens' Association by E.R. Pulling, M.D. assisted by F.J. Randall

Open Access Maps at NYPL: If you’re a secret cartographer, then you’ll love the Open Access Maps collection from the New York Public Library. They have “…been scanning maps for about 15 years…” with maps dating as far back as the 1600’s! 

HailPixel Color Fun: Explore color hues, lightness, and saturation, with the slightest movement of your mouse. Click to save your favorites and then fine tune the colors even more. Web designers will love the ability to have the entire color spectrum at their fingertips. Props to Devin Hunt for the cool tool!

Typebase: This design tool also comes from Devin Hunt. Use Typebase to create a “…minimal, customizable typography stylesheet.” You can view the complete source code on GitHub. Thanks again to Devin for this incredible design tool. 

Gatsby: Use Gatsby to transform plain text into dynamic blogs and websites using React.js. Gatsby was built by Kyle Matthews and is maintained on GitHub. We found a how-to guide here. If you’re running a site built with Gatsby, we’d love to check it out!

Design+Code/Angle: A massive collection of presentation mockups in sketch format by @MengTo. 

Tiaga Theme for Nylas: Taiga theme for the Nylas N1 email client that makes it look similar to the recently-defunct Mailbox. With N1's latest update including swipe gestures and send later functionality, you can now achieve a near-Mailbox experience.

Brew Dog Recipes: Scottish brewery, @BrewDog, makes the recipes to all of their past beers (200+) freely available. We might have to get into brewing our own now that we have some fool-proof recipes to follow.

Pieforce T-Shirt: The Pieforce t-shirt combines Hylian folklore and crusty flatbread in what is, perhaps, the finest shirt available anywhere.” says renowned T-shirt critic, @KyleRuane. Order your Pieforce T-shirt by March 9th. 

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