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Links from Last Week 18

24 February 2016
The Plain Team

UsrNmeInvalid – Insane photographs of urban infrastructure and architecture from a fresh perspective.

FlyBrix – A kit that lets you build your own working drone with lego bricks—something that will have you 80s kids out there yelling “FINALLY!”

Turn a Phone or Tablet into a Laptop – Indiegogo campaign for a screen/keyboard combination that allows you to plug a device in and experience it as a laptop.

Making a Custom Keyboard – Brian Raiter makes a keyboard with keys reflecting the alphabet used by the race of triangle people in his daughter’s doodles.

Essential Square Slices of NYC – Scott Wiener (@scottspizzatour) maps out the New York locations for must-have slices of the often alienated Sicilian-style pizza.

Making a Wooden Surf Board – Watch a surf board take shape, from a sketch to the finished piece in this video that shows how much work and attention to detail goes into seemingly simple projects.

Fighting Creative Burnout – Letterer and designer Jessica Hische (@jessicahische) gives some insight into creative burnout and how to avoid it in a detailed Quora answer.

Ham Radio Making a Comeback – Once in decline, the ham radio community is now growing larger than ever before with a new generation of DIY-ers pushing medium’s technological boundaries. 

Design Inspiration Collection – Bethany Heck (@EephusLeague) has made her massive Dropmark collection of inspiring design elements publicly available. Get lost in the categorized, tagged sea of images.

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