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Links from Last Week 17

16 February 2016
The Plain Team

Gravitational waves, video games, and noodle recipes. This batch of links is exactly what you’ve come to expect from our team week after week. We hope you enjoy this week’s Links from Last Week and please stay subscribed.

Photo: Daniel Llamas - as featured on 500px.

Video: The poetry of programming - Linda Liukas’ TEDxCERN presentation on programming will inspire you to make sure every child is exposed to the art programming. See also: Hello Ruby.

The First Measurement of Gravitational Waves - A bit written by Plain’s own Colin Devroe. This passed week scientists at LIGO announced the first confirmed measurement of gravitational waves proving Einstein’s theories about spacetime once again.

Firewatch - Making games is a ton of work. Mac software house Panic collaborated with game studio Campo Santo on Firewatch for PS4 and Stream. Also, there are some beautiful wallpapers available made by direction from Olly Moss and excellent work from Jane Ng.

Einstein’s Zurich Notebook - Speaking of Albert… you can peer into his notebook that is full of scribbles on relativity.

Video: 30 Years of Pixar - John Lasseter looks back at 30 years of Pixar.

Visions of the Future - The team at Invisible Creator created some amazing posters for NASA in a series they call Visions of the Future.

Year in Refuse - What do you do with creative work that was rejected? Alex Westgate turns his 21 rejected concepts from 2015 into a book.

Noodler - Never want for noodle inspiration again. Three million noodle recipes at your finger tips.

Leaf Cutting Art - An amazing gallery of art made from small slices in leaves by Omid Asadi.


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