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Links from Last Week 16

9 February 2016
The Plain Team

We have hit a project milestone: sixteen weeks of consistently publishing our Links from Last Week blog series. Adding this weekly goal to our internal workflow wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t necessarily easy either. Even though these blog posts are seemingly simple, a lot of thought goes into what is included, what is excluded, and how the copy is presented to our readers. We use Unmark & Basecamp 2 as our primary tools for collecting and communicating about shared links. We blog on our site. And we share this with you all on the Twitters

We’re pretty happy that the Links from Last Week blog series has shifted from an “oh yeah….” task to something we look forward to publishing each week. We hope you enjoy our efforts as well. If you’d like to contribute a link or two for a future post please shoot us a message.

Ypres town center, September 1917

The Great War Seen from the Air: Yale University Press published an incredible work of historical significance - which we stumbled upon via their Tumblr feed. Because yes, of course Yale University Press, has a Tumblr feed! Shown above is Flanders, June of 1917. If you aren’t aware, it was one of the most important battles in WWI. What’s significant is that the photos shown in this book are some of the first, ever, aerial photographs of war torn countries. The images are hauntingly beautiful.

Merit Badges for Millennial Life Achievements: Juxtaposed to the history lesson above, we have something very funny from the site. Merit Badges for Millennials! Order some for your next family gathering. 

Robert Bruno’s Steel House: Located near Dallas, TX, this architectural beauty sits incomplete. What will become of it, following Bruno’s death? We love handmade items and this house is no exception. And in that regard, the Dallas Morning News did an amazing job with sharing this story in a digital medium. Their interactive publication deserves a mention. Be sure to click through on the interactive photos to see a 360 degree view, before and after images, and more. Chats based on GitHub repositories. Because, of course!

Planetary Orbit Simulator: While working on a bit of code for an upcoming blog post for Plain, Colin has been referencing this online tool that “Models the motion of a hypothetical planet that orbits the sun according to Kepler's laws of motion.” You know, just in case you were ever wondering about that.

Google Cultural Institute - Musée d’Orsay: Years ago, Sarah was in Paris on a school trip. The group took off for the Musée d’Orsay, but Sarah - having had enough of museum seeing for that day - opted to hang back with another crowd. She’s regretted it ever since. Lucky for her, the Google Cultural Institute is on the web! She can literally walk the museum from one side to the other, see every piece of art available, and roam the grounds till her heart is content. This museum is only one of many featured locations. Check out Google’s Cultural Institute & let us know if you discover something really cool!

Plain Miscellany: Besides doing all this important link curation for you all, we are busy building web, interface, and e-commerce solutions for various clients. Check out the link to see some of our prior projects. If you like what you see, and are in need of design or development services, please contact us, we’d love to visit.

Sponsor: Our Links from Last Week series is sponsored by our own product Unmark — the to do app for links. If you haven’t tried it yet please do so. It is absolutely free to use and you can simply pony up a buck a month to unlock some extra features. Or, you can download it from Github and install it locally if you’d like.

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