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Links from Last Week 15

2 February 2016
The Plain Team

NYPL Menu Archive – Wonder what your favorite joint served 60 years ago? You’re in luck. The New York Public Library is transcribing and indexing historical restaurant menus—the largest collection in the world.

A week with an old iPhone – Observations from Mike Rohde after being forced into using his iPhone 4 exclusively for a week.

Should You Attempt a Curated Newsletter? – An infographic to help you decide whether a curated email newsletter is a good idea (and worth it) for you.

Vaca in Prison – A fortress built by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which later became a prison camp, is being converted to a luxury resort.

Emoji One – Open source emoji for your projects.

Master Slack – Tips and tricks that will have you running circles around your coworkers in your team chat.

T-Shirts, Unravelled – Threadbase conducted a thorough experiment on the durability and size integrity of 800(!) different shirts available online. 

Swiss Family Robinson Cover Spread – 8-bit pixel artwork of the classic tree-dwellers by Michael B. Meyers, Jr.

Pricing Design – An ebook guide by Dan Mall that covers the fundamentals of pricing a project.

Stephen Wolfram on Marvin Minsky – Farewell to the father of AI. 

Jim Henson’s Violent Coffee Commercials – Wow.

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