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Links from Last Week 14

26 January 2016
The Plain Team

It has been said that to master something takes 10,000 attempts. At 14 posts into our Links from Last Week series we think we’re well on our way.

The Design of 3e8 - We’ve added some of the design work we did for 3e8, Inc. to our portfolio. Have a look. Also, if you’re an independent developer that would fancy your own unique brand please be in touch.

@plainmade - Maybe you don’t like RSS but prefer Twitter? You can follow Plain on Twitter. For those of you that do like RSS try in your reader of choice.

And now, things that inspired us this week from around the globe.

Photo: Balfour Castle - by Dan Rubin.

SoundClound2000 — A ruby application by Matthias Georgi and Tobias Schmidt with contributions by Travis Theiman and Sean Lewis that removes all of the cruft from SoundCloud and gives it an almost Terminal experience.

SoundNode - Speaking of SoundCloud, we might as well link to a project we found just yesterday. A Mac, Windows, and Linux application for SoundCloud by Michael Lancaster. Works quite nice.

Video: Susan Kare at Layers 2015 - Susan Kare (see also, Wikipedia) does a presentation at Layers 2015 and is also interviewed by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.

This was a light week. For past weeks follow the hashtag link below.


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