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Links from Last Week 13

19 January 2016
The Plain Team

This intro paragraph isn’t where the good stuff is. That’s all down below in our 13th edition of this amazing Links from Last Week post. But hey, while we’ve got your attention, we’re wondering if anyone else obsessively collects links from across the net and saves them for later, or if we’re the only ones. Why not share your links with us? You never know - you might find yourself featured in our next Links from Last Week post!

Place des Vogues by Enverance

Tritypch Instagram — This is a photography style we hadn’t previously considered an Instagram option but Enverance nails it. Follow their account for more great shots and check out other #triptych posts on Instagram.

Lean Coffee  — A pretty great way to set up impromptu democratic unconferences and keep a structure to the conversation.

jQuery turns 10 — Congrats to John Resig and the hundreds of people involved in jQuery.

Inspirational Apple Video  We all feel this pain from time-to-time. Hat tip to Eli Schiff for the tweet!

Satire at It’s Best — Mommy Comedy released the first feature film shot entirely on Prius backup camera and the commentary is the best. “Other cameras do not run them over, because they are not cars!”  We laughed all the way through and know you will, too.

Make Everyday Like A Saturday — Here’s some serious geek data on a happiness experiment by the team at Who can resist a longform writeup on happiness complete with charts!?

Night Shift Coming Soon — The next iOS 9.3 will include a feature that will, based on your location, shift the colors of light emitted from iPhones from cool blue light to a warmer color. This feature mimics the popular f.lux desktop app (featured in lflw 2) and should make trolling Reddit late at night a lot more comfortable for many of us. 

Have DSLR, Will Use — If you have an SLR camera and are nervous to take it out of auto mode, this is the tutorial for you.”  We are big fans of plain speak and hope you find this tutorial helpful. 

Minimalist Legos — Lego recently announced they would be working to create sustainable Legos. We think the Japanese alternative to Legos are pretty swell. They’re made from wood, small, simple, and fully extensible.

The Right Way to End an Email to a Client — Robert Williams shares the line freelancers should avoid writing in emails to clients—and what they should write instead. Let us know if this link helps you manage your client emails. 

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