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Links from Last Week 12

12 January 2016
The Plain Team

As we return to post-holiday normalcy and settle in to harsh winter temperatures, we anticipate using our extra “indoor” time to catch up on our reading lists and look forward to sharing more interesting finds with you.

Some of our discoveries last week:

Creative Commons ImagesVladimir Kudinov made a collection of impressive personal photos available to use under the CC 4.0 license.

What’s New in Unicode 9.0? – See new emoji candidates that may be implemented, including the much-anticipated bacon character.

UX Alphabet – A handy glossary of user experience terms, bundled in an iOS app for your convenience.

Hobo nickels by Paolo "MrThe" Curcio – Intricate carvings into existing coins to create tiny works of art. 

NYPL Public Domain Images – The New York Public Library released 180,000 images into the public domain, which are accessible (as a search option) through their Digital Collections site.

Inventory-Keeping Refrigerator – Samsung’s new fridge concept reminds you when you need to pick up groceries and lets you order them from its giant touch screen.

Diverse Device Hands – Facebook has made some various design resources available, including these diverse options for displaying mobile device designs.

The Website Obesity CrisisMaciej Ceglowski, from Pinboard, talks about the problems we face with the growing size of websites. You can find a transcript of this talk, as well as others, here.

Movi, the Live Event Camera – A small camera and companion iOS app that turns your iPhone into a live-editing tool.

Sponsored by Unmark, the to-do app for your bookmarks.


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