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Links from Last Week 11

6 January 2016
The Plain Team

Each year the Internet comes to a crawl during the holiday season. And, each year, the Plain team seems to write a lot of code. This year was no different.

We’re excited to share with you what we’ve been working on in the coming months but for now we’ve dug up a few links that we think you’ll dig. First up, a link from us:

Adding is_published() and is_draft() to WordPress - We needed them. Now you can have them.

And now, links from around the globe:

Photo: ORBCOMM-2 First-Stage Landing by Space X - Typically this type of long-exposure shot is of a rocket taking off. For the first time ever, it is of one landing. Well done Space X team.

Your Life in Weeks - From Wait But Why comes a bunch of little tiny boxes. Try to fill them with good things.

Make BB-8 - BB-8 nearly stole the show in The Force Awakens. Why not hack one up and make your own droid? How cute is he?

BB-8 Ringtones - Speaking of BB-8, David Sparks made some ringtones and now you can have them too.

The original Scratch Map - In our post, Links from Last Week 3, we linked to a scratch map that helps you remember everywhere you’ve been. Turns out there is an original and this is it.

Aseprite - A super cool animated sprite editor & pixel art tool.

Recipe: Eggnog pancakes - Do you have some eggnog left from last week? Why not use it up and make some pancakes tomorrow morning?


Sponsor: Our Links from Last Week series is sponsored by our own product Unmark — the to do app for links. If you haven’t tried it yet please do so. It is absolutely free to use and you can simply pony up a buck a month to unlock some extra features. Or, you can download it and install it locally if you’d like.

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