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Links from Last Week 9

22 December 2015
The Plain Team

Another week, another catalog of interesting pieces of the internet, hand-picked for your consideration. It’s a tough job, but we’re happy to scour the digital landscape and identify the things you should see in these Links from Last Week posts. 

From Plain Text, our blog:

A Website for 3e8 — We designed a brand and website for our friend Kyle who runs a development shop named for the scientific notation for the speed of light.

From everywhere else:

Old Book Illustrations — a search-able compendium of illustrations (and articles) Victorian and French Romantic eras, scanned, digitized, and in the public domain

The Mystery USB — a secret collection of creative resources from Death to Stock delivered on an unassuming thumb drive

Good Design is About Process, Not ProductJared Sinclair shares practical design principles that can mean the difference between average and exceptional work

Is It Worth It? — The venerable Ryan Clark shares his criteria for accepting new work.

Butler Typeface — Beautiful, free display serif from Fabian De Smet

Fibonacci Blocks — Sixteen-year-old student Luke Hamilton created a set of children’s building blocks based on the golden ratio and is funding the production through an (already successful) Indiegogo campaign.

Google Sheets Translation Hack — Neat trick to quickly translate text using a simple function in a Google spreadsheet from Miguel Rios

Buffer Resource Kit — The ultimate checklist for anyone running social media for their business, app, platform, or brand.

Underneath the Noise — The lack of governmental support for basketball in the UK is addressed by some of those affected in this short documentary by Jon E. Price.

Merry Little Xmas Tape — A perfectly stripped-down, timeless Christmas EP from Haunting Party (Aimee Romero & Nathanael Mehrens), that despite being 6 years old, remains an absolute favorite.

A Model Childhood — An interview with Kim David McNeill Simmons, photographer of the original Star Wars action figure dioramas

Over / Under — 124-year-old patent throws a log on the toilet-paper-orientation-debate-fire

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