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Links from Last Week 8

15 December 2015
The Plain Team

We’re two full months into our Links from Last Week series of posts and we feel we’re just starting to get the hang of collecting, curating, and publishing these lists. We hope you’re enjoying them as much as we are in publishing them.

First, a few links from Plain.

Enchantment Under the CKyle wrote a post-mortem blog post after our Back to the Future Art Show and shares some of the knowledge we collected during the process.

Great Scott Art Show web site — After reading that post be sure to check out the updated web site featuring a gallery of the art that was displayed, some photos from the event, and also information behind the artists that shared their work.

How to Package a WordPress theme using Grunt — Mundane tasks like creating a zip file of your WordPress theme should be done by robots. We jotted down a quick tutorial on how to use a simple Grunt task to do just that.

Now, onto some things we found interesting:

fisher x'men
Photo: fisher X’men by Saravut Whanset in Flickr’s Your Best Shot 2015 Group.

Linda Geerdink dives into GTD — David Allen, the creator of the GTD methodology, visits with Dutch TV Host Linda Geerdink to help her get everything out of her head and into her Inbox. I think we can all sympathize with how overwhelmed Linda was at the beginning of this process.

The End — Chase Turberville is sharing the end of a book each day this month. Umm, spoilers!!?

Beclause — Secret Santa for Freelancers by Brian Hoff and Carlos Gavina.

Glowforge — a 3D Laser Printer that raised over $27M in 30 days making it the largest crowd funding campaign in history. You can cut chocolate with it.

Pioneering Women of Physics — earlier this year the Perimeter Institute published an ode to the pioneering women of physics including some of our favorites like Grace Hopper and Cecelia Payne-Gaposchkin.

Cacio e Pepe Recipe — One of the most simple dishes mastered by only a few. Try it.

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