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Links from Last Week 5

24 November 2015
The Plain Team

We’re already five weeks into our new reoccurring, weekly list of links from the team at Plain. We hope you’re enjoying them. In case you may have missed our previous lists check out weeks one, two, three, and four.

Let’s get on with the links from last week and, as always, if you have any you’d like to see included please send them into our team at

Birth of a Steel Tongue Drum - Excellent GoPro video from Gregory Karabensh on GoPro’s YouTube channel showing the art behind creating a steel tongue drum. You can also see the drum in action on Gregory’s channel.

9:38… by ikrxr on VSCO Grid.

The Useless Web - Can’t focus? Why waste time not wasting time? Waste time with The Useless Web by Tim Holman.

Tiny PANTONE Objects - Inka Mathew, creator of the Tiny PMS Match Tumblog, brings the Tumblog to life through the new book Tiny PANTONE Objects that you can pre-order now on Amazon.

Drafts - The best note creation app on iOS (in our opinion). Easily create brand-new notes for just about anything and then act on them by sending them to an email address, an app like Simplenote or Evernote, or sharing them with the world through Twitter or Facebook or your blog. Drafts is by Agile Tortoise.

25 by Adele - Adele’s new album is already breaking records in its first week since debuting.

Freelance Rate Explorer - The team at Bonsai has put together a way for freelancers, and those of us that work as a team, to determine what our rates should likely be depending on the type of work we do.

DV8 - A new magazine that is “bringing the best in food, culture and shopping to a curious and discerning audience” for those that live near the upstate New York and Pennsylvania areas.

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