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A Web Site for 3e8

21 December 2015
Plain Team

Kyle Slattery, the principal and brains behind 3e8, came to us with a unique problem — how do you craft a brand for a single backend developer with years of expertise in web APIs, application and web infrastructures, and Rails apps?

Being long-time friends and colleagues we knew we would enjoy working closely with him to build a unique aesthetic for his company 3e8, Inc*. We built a solid, fun, and even playful brand and aesthetic for 3e8. We’ll talk more about the brand’s creation in the near future but you can also check out our Dribbble project.

For now, you can take a look at the new 3e8 web site, which is powered by WordPress, that helps tell the world what 3e8 does, what his clients can expect when working with him, and shows off a bit of the aesthetic.

“After one or two conversations, Plain blew me away with the branding concept they came up with—it was exactly what I was looking for.” — Kyle Slattery, 3e8, Inc.

We had a great time designing, coding, and helping to deploy 3e8’s web site. If you are a developer with a unique approach to what you do and you’d like to work behind a brand of equal uniqueness to set yourself apart from the fray, please get in touch.

* 3e8 being the scientific notation to denote the speed of light.

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