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Links from Last Week 3

10 November 2015
The Plain Team

Each week the Plain team collects together a few links we found interesting. See week 1 and week 2. Please enjoy a few links from last week and feel free to send us some suggestions to

World Scratch Map - No more mucking up your walls with push-pin holes. Slowly color in a world map based on where you’ve traveled with the World Scratch Map. Created by Alfred Megalley who has a write-up on the process.

From Where I Drone (examples above) - is a web site and Instagram account featuring stunning drone photography and videography from all over the world.

AMB-1 - automatically generate a web-based mood board based on the contents of a directory in your Dropbox. Nice and simple.

Basecamp 3 - An all-new version of Basecamp with new features and a new pricing model debuted recently. Congratulations to the Basecamp team. We look forward to switching our projects to Basecamp 3 soon. More about this on Signal vs. Noise.

Sir David Attenborough narrates Adele’s Hello - how precious.

ClassCraft - An all-new site for an excellent automation and conference room building company out of New Jersey. Made by Plain. Powered by Barley. We’ll be writing more about this client project soon.

Follow Tom Sennett on YouTube - Tom quit his job, bought a van, and is going to be traveling the US building video games as he goes. Oh, and he chipped a tooth on Doritos already.

The /now page movement - Derek Sivers started this. Have you made a /now page? Colin did. Sarah did. by NPR - “Your friendly guide to great podcasts”.

Norway Then & Now - The Atlantic have collected together photos from Norway many years ago and overlaid them with much more recent ones. It is amazing how so many things have stayed the same while everything around them changed.

Space Invaders by Mary Rose Cook - Mary Rose Cook builds Space Invaders using JavaScript, in front of a live audience, in about a half-an-hour. Pew pew!

Walking Every Street in NYC - Matt Green is walking every street in New York City. He also met up with William Helmreich who is walking every block.


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