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Links from Last Week 2

2 November 2015
Colin, Kyle, Sarah

Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain, a web series showcasing people who actually make things by hand.

AppleTV Parallax icon effect plugin from the prolific Drew Wilson turns your artwork into a moving, reflective, icon that looks just like the ones in the new AppleTV UI.

F.lux automatically shifts the color of your display based on the time of day, saving your eyes and even helping you get to sleep. It’s included in this 76 Best OSX Apps You Need along with some other essentials. shows statistics that reveal your place in the world and could give you an idea of when your number may be up.

How to Create T-Shirts for Your Startup by Nathan Barry outlines the process of getting t-shirts made for an event, including some great insight.

Women of color in tech stock photos, are now available on flickr under licensed under Creative Commons. Be sure to read the accompanying blog post from #WOCinTech.

The Front-End Handbook, a thorough explanation by Cody Lindley and great starting point for those learning front-end development.

What kind of design work should I do? Flowchart by Julie Zhuo.

Back to the Future Score Vinyl Box Set, with drool-worthy collectible packaging by DKNG.

Inch x Inch, monthly button club featuring various talented artists.

Drake, Tennis Champ, aka the best vine ever.

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