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Plain - Design and Development in Scranton, PAPlain - Design and Development in Scranton, PA


We are an intentionally small digital agency that values flexibility, versatility, and honesty. We believe in simplicity and have a passion for saying “no.”

Our mission is to help others tell their story. We work with fellow business owners to make sure their brand is visually well-represented and we build tools that aid them in publishing their ideas and message to the masses. We do this with clients directly and also as a strategic partner for companies who share our vision for elegant solutions. We have worked alongside companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries from local small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

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Client Projects, 2014-2015

A sample of what we’ve made with select clients in the not-so-distant past.


Barley is a hosted website platform we built that aims to stay out of way. Content is edited and managed directly in place, without the need to access a convoluted admin panel. We designed and developed a way to format text and images inline to achieve a true WYSIWYG experience. We designed the entire app and supporting components—UI, branding, templates, and marketing website.


Unmark is an app that turns your bookmarks into a to-do list. We designed and built it to act as a catalyst to get users to actually do something with the content they save, rather than just mindlessly hoard it.